How You Can Support Suicide Prevention

What you can do to support suicide prevention:

  • Join CASP
  • Get involved with your local suicide prevention organization/committee
  • Write or call your Member of Parliament about the need for a national suicide prevention strategy.
  • Mail a CASP postcard to the Minister of Health.
  • Contact and educate your local councilor/mayor, provincial representative on this issue.
  • Put information about your local crisis/distress line on your Facebook page.
  • Get posters about suicide prevention and/or your local crisis/distress prevention line and post them in your work place and other public places.
  • Organize or participate in a World Suicide Prevention Day event in your community. Mark your calendar for September 10th.
  • Learn all you can about the warning signs of suicide and what to do.
  • Talk to family, friends and neighbours about suicide prevention, find ways to introduce it in conversations.
  • Sign up for an ASIST Training or SafeTalk Worksop training.
  • Volunteer at your local crisis line.
  • Support and Advocate for mental health promotion in your work place.
  • If you notice that someone appears to be unhappy or stressed take the time to ask them how they are and listen.  Don’t be afraid to ask directly about suicide, remember talking about suicide will not cause someone to begin thinking about suicide.
  • Take care of yourself, learn how to de-stress and enjoy life more.