Public Awareness Posters

CASP has created a series of posters for communities and organizations to use and adapt for promoting suicide prevention and awareness.  Some of these posters have been created so that organizations can include phone numbers and/or other local resource information.  We appreciate your support in helping us educate the public about suicide prevention and the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention.

Each of the following sets contain three pages in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format with slightly different messages. They are designed to print on either colour or black-and-white printers. The messages are as follows:

Page 1: could be… someone you know, right now, has had thoughts of suicide. what do you know? what should you know? find out:

Page 2: What do you know about suicide?… What do you need to know? What you know could save a life. find out:

Page 3: What you know about suicide could save a life.

Know when to ask about suicide and what to do – Postcard