Survivor Support

A Message to Survivors

If you are very new to the tragedy of suicide loss, despair may be your companion.  We hope you find some time to rest your burden and share it with those of us who need no explanation.  You are not alone.   The fact that someone died by suicide does not diminish our love for them, their value, the contribution they made to our families and communities and our right and need to celebrate and honour their lives and accomplishments.   It is how a person lived not how they died that defines someone.

Survivors are the most courageous people we know.  Be well, be peaceful, be hopeful.



Parents at Risk After Child’s Suicide

This study was designed to examine outcomes of parents bereaved by the suicide death of their offspring and to compare these with both nonbereaved parent controls and parents who had offspring die in a motor vehicle crash.

Suicide bereavement is associated with adverse mental health and social outcomes including depression, anxiety disorders, and marital breakup, which appear similar to those associated with bereavement due to motor vehicle crashes.

Parents who lose offspring to suicide appear to be a vulnerable group even prior to their offspring’s death with depression, physical disorders, and low income.

Parents who lose a child to suicide are at high risk for mental health problems and subsequent marital breakup, researchers found.

Rates of depression were more than doubled among parents of children who committed suicide in the 2 years after the death, with an adjusted rate ratio of 2.14 (95% CI 1.88 to 2.43, P<0.001) compared with the 2 years before the offspring’s death, according to James M. Bolton, MD, of the University of Manitoba in Canada, and colleagues.