CASP 2018 Abstract Submission Form

Presenters may submit multiple abstracts for the conference. Please submit one form for each presentation.

Presentation Options: 


  • The proposal should be detailed and include the conceptual focus and its relation to the conference themes.
  • Visual art should include a .jpeg attachment with the submission. Performance art and video should be no longer than 20 minutes (including discussion and set-up time). Video art should have a link to the video accompanying the abstract. Proposals should include information about space needs.
  • The 2018 Conference Planning Committee will review artworks submissions to accommodate these needs; however, artworks proposal acceptance is subject to time, space, and resource availability. The art may be shown or performed at a special evening event.
  • Artists are responsible for the shipping and handling of their artwork to the conference and for obtaining insurance if they so choose.


  • This is a 90-minute, thematic discussion by four or more presenters to explore issues and new ideas facing the profession.
  • The primary presenter of the panel is responsible for organizing and coordinating the presenters and presentation, submitting the proposal, and introducing the topic and panel members.  Panels should be interactive in their discussion by using a structured question and answer period or other means.

Paper Presentations

  • Paper presentations provide authors the opportunity to present original work related to conference topics.
  • Oral paper presentations will have 15-minute time slots and be clustered by theme into sessions. Each session will include three individual presentations and time for questions from the audience.


  • Poster sessions are designed to highlight practice experiences, theories or research reports.
  • Posters are displayed for viewing throughout the conference, but there will be identified 30-minute time periods to present to and talk with interested conference participants. If there are sufficient poster proposals accepted, there will be two separate groups of posters during the conference.
  • Poster size: 8′ wide x 4′ high.



  • Roundtables are 90 minutes in length and include short oral presentations and discussions with a group seated around a table. Typically, the presentation is not more than 10 minutes and is followed by discussion and feedback. Each presenter is in charge of their roundtable format, but most will include an extended discussion component with ample time for questions. The proposal should detail the focus of the roundtable and the way(s) in which it contributes to the body of knowledge in Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Postvention or Life Promotion.
  • Presenters should bring targeted questions to ask to learn from and with those attending.
  • Roundtables are an ideal format for networking and to elicit in-depth discussion on a particular topic.


Think Tank

  • A Think Tank is a 90-minute session focusing on a single issue or question.
  • The Think Tank leader(s) should organize the session by framing the issue/question and its relevant context.
  • Small groups will explore the issue or question, followed by a re-convening in a large group to identify what has been learned and next steps in action–based process.
  • The proposal should succinctly identify the question or issue to be addressed, the relevant contextual factors, and the roles of the individual small groups (i.e., Will they each address the overall issue/question or a particular facet? Will they examine the issue/question from a particular viewpoint?). If the group is small, the discussion may take place among the group as a whole rather than in small groups.


  • A workshop is an interactive session designed to illustrate a set of techniques or to present a topic directly related to practice. Indicate workshop capacity, format and methodology (e.g. interactive learning, skills development). The Workshops are 90 minutes.