Join us for a three day virtual conference November 19 to 21, 2014, co-hosted by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention on suicide prevention, intervention and postvention.

Building on the theme of World Suicide Prevention Day – “One World Connected” – the virtual conference is being built on the themes of communities, collaboration, and hope.

The conference will:

· Showcase innovative approaches to suicide prevention, intervention and postvention in different communities
· Explore how technology is being used to promote suicide safer communities, exchange knowledge and promising practices, and support service delivery and service providers.
· Share how unique partnerships are being forged to strengthen Canada’s ability to prevent suicide, and support those who are bereaved by suicide.



Community, Collaboration and Hope

Each theme is broken down into four streams:

· Suicide Prevention – defined as an umbrella term for the collective efforts of local citizen organizations, mental health practitioners, and related professionals to reduce the incidence of suicide. Intervention on suicide risk factors would also be included under prevention.

· Suicide Intervention – defined as a direct effort to prevent a person from attempting to die by suicide. Interventions may be immediate in the time of an acute crisis. Or, an intervention may take place over time after a suicide attempt as an individual recovers and is supported to learn new coping strategies to reduce their pain and live life more safely.

· Suicide Postvention – occurs in the aftermath of a completed suicide and is critical in reducing further suicides for bereaved survivors of suicide loss. “The goal of postvention is to help people who have lost a loved one to suicide live longer, more productively, and less stressfully.” [Shneidman, E.S., 1999]

· “Outside the Box” – showcasing how technology (both low and high tech, such as Apps, gaming or robots) is being applied in the field of suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention in Canada.

Costs & Registration

Participation in the virtual conference will cost $25 for all CASP members. A CASP membership fee is $50.00. Non-members will be charged a fee of $75.00 registration fee. A limited number of spots will be made available at no cost for people with lived experience and students, to be assigned on a first come first serve basis

Webinar Sessions

For the first time in its 25 year history, this conference will take place entirely online, consisting of interactive webinar presentations, online poster presentations, and video presentations.

Sessions will be presented via webinar format in either English or French. Each webinar will be limited to 45 minutes with another 15 minutes for questions. The selection committee may suggest grouping similar themes to allow for more diverse presentations, resulting in shorter and more concise presentations from speakers. Submissions for an online poster display may also be accepted.

Poster Presentations

An online poster display for the presentation of Canadian scientific papers will be created and hosted on the CASP, conference, and/or MHCC websites. Participants will have the opportunity to comment and ask questions of the presenters.

‘In the Spotlight’ Sessions

In the Spotlight sessions will allow service providers and organizations to showcase their unique suicide prevention, postvention, intervention or ‘out of the box’ programs through a short video submission. Videos must not be longer than 20 minutes (i.e. TedTx), and in a format that is compatible with YouTube. Participants will have an opportunity to comment and ask questions of the presenter.

For more information on the conference and to download the proposal/abstract submission form please visit

Further inquiries about Connecting Canada: Conversations about Communities, Collaborations, and Hope may be directed to [email protected] or [email protected]

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