Suicide-Safer Communities: Recognizing community commitments to suicide safety

LivingWorks Education has been honoring community-based development in suicide prevention programs for over 30 years by offering suicide awareness and intervention programs to help local people work together to create and sustain suicide-safer communities.

The Suicide-Safer Communities designation honors communities that have implemented concerted, strategic approaches to suicide prevention. The nine pillars in this designation reflect the core elements of suicide prevention strategies around the world. The designation celebrates and acknowledges those communities who have made significant progress in reaching their suicide-safer goals, and helps others understand what strategic steps they can take to prevent suicide on a community level.

The designation of “Suicide-Safer Community” is a prestigious honor awarded to a community where multi-sectoral entities, in agreement that suicide is a serious community health problem, are engaged with individuals, organizations and stakeholders collaboratively to strategize, create, implement, and sustain efforts around nine pillars of action:

  1. Leadership/Steering Committee
  2. Background Summary
  3. Suicide Prevention Awareness
  4. Mental Health and Wellness Promotion
  5. Training
  6. Suicide Intervention & Ongoing Clinical/Support Services
  7. Suicide Bereavement
  8. Evaluation Measures
  9. Capacity Building/Sustainability

Next Steps

To learn more about the Suicide-Safer Communities initiative or submit a letter of intent to apply, please visit the LivingWorks Suicide-Safer Communities page.