Approximately 11 people will end their lives by suicide today in Canada.

Suicide is complex, but it is also preventable. Our ultimate purpose is to reduce the suicide rate in Canada and minimize the consequences of suicidal behaviours. This requires a number of initiatives and the shared support of our society, partner organizations, and government.


Our Vision

CASP was iestablished in 1985 by a group of professionals who wanted to give a national voice to suicide prevention. As noted by CASP President Renée Ouimet, “Our members are committed to reducing suicide through collaborative work in the area of research, education, training and support in the development of needed services to Canadians who struggle with suicide behaviour and their families and friends.”

Our focus is on hope and resiliency. We envision a world in which people enjoy an optimal quality of life, are long-loving, socially responsible and optimistic about the future.

Spreading Awareness

Awareness is essential to change. We share information and resources to help communities understand why people consider suicide and attempt to take their own lives. We offer guiding principles to help others understand how to talk about suicide or suicide-related behaviours, focusing on hope and comfort that helps to avoid stigmatization and shame.

No single discipline or level of societal organization is solely responsible for suicide prevention. Suicide prevention requires collaboration based on equality. We need individuals in many roles and at all levels of society and government to contribute to the prevention of suicide related behaviours.

Advocating and Supporting

Our organization is working toward the achievement of its purpose by facilitating, advocating, supporting and advising, rather than by the provision of direct services. We believe every individual has the right to tell their story and the responsibility to share those stories safely. Each of us has the capacity to advocate in a meaningful way.

Supporting suicide prevention, intervention and/or postvention begins with the ability to talk openly about suicide. This signals to others that you are willing and able to have conversations about suicide if and when others need to talk, and it may be the simplest step you can take in reducing the stigma around suicide.

Join CASP today, make a donation, or get involved with your local suicide prevention organization or committee. Participate in suicide prevention, intervention or postvention training and start advocating for mental health promotion in your community.

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