To find a crisis/distress line in your community or to learn more about suicide prevention click here.

Print Material

Know when to ask about Suicide/Know what to Do
• Help Card – Crisis Line Help Card
• De-Stress Help Cards
Calm in the Storm Coping with the Stresses of Life
Are you O.K.- A Four Step Approach to Mental Wellness
Every Person’s Guide to Self Compassion
Hope and Resiliency at Home
After a Suicide:  A practical and personal guide for survivors
After a Suicide Attempt- A guide for Family and Friends
A Guide for Early Responders Supporting Survivors Bereaved by Suicide
Suicide Prevention: Guidelines for Public Awareness and Education Activities
• Coping with Suicidal Thoughts
• Hope and Resilience at Work
• A Manager’s Guide to Postvention in the Workplace


Let’s Talk about Suicide – English
• Let’s Talk about Suicide – French
Hope at Work videos


Suicide Prevention/Mental Health
Suicide Bereavement in the workplace
Psychologically Safe Work Places
Compassionate Work Places
Trauma-Informed Workplaces/Trauma Rec overt
Men and Depression
Depression in the Workplace
• ASIST – LivingWorks –
• SafeTalk – LivingWorks –
• Mental Health First Aid –
• Trauma Informed Organizations – Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre –
• Suicide Prevention Training/Manitoba – Klinic Community Health Centre –